About Us

  • World-Class Solutions And Services Are Born Here

    Whether you are in search of beauty agency, fashion agency, or IT Company, Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO is here to help you get the best.

    The idea for Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO was born in 2009 when the founder Ismail Zen El Dine recognized that engineering wasn’t his passion. As he looked around he noticed that there were certain products and services that he used but none that he treasured.

    At Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO, we believe in providing quality services and client satisfaction is what makes us happy. Our numerous businesses scattered all across the world have taught us that good relationship and better services come from collaboration. We are always excited to start a conversation to learn more about you and your needs in order to create something beautiful together.

  • Products Made By The People We Love

    We are proud of the services that we offer, and the people who help us offer them. All our products are a perfect blend, of quality, latest technologies, and sincerity, sprinkled with a pinch of love.

    Currently, we operate the following businesses and offer their services to the world around. Nonetheless, we are always striving to expand and reach for the far extent.

Majestic Beauty Salon – You Deserve To Be Pampered

Beauty is an aspect of life that women don’t want to compromise with. Majestic Beauty Salon has continuously tried to grow their strength right from the time of our establishment. Excellent customer services and skilled professionals alongside the equipment of latest trends help us stand out from the crowd. As days pass by, we strive to up-skill in order to bring the latest treatments to our clients.

Majestic Beauty Academy – Where Success Begins

Majestic Beauty Academy is another of our venture that helps people achieves their career goals. We offer the best beauty training services in the industry. Candidates from all over the world who fly over to Japan are awarded a certificate after graduation after which they could work in salons around the globe. Our reputation and the panel of experienced instructors make a professional out of every candidate by the end of the course.

Majestic Cosme – Look Good All Year Long

Majestic transforms every woman into an elegant, strong, and feminine lady. Our products provide women with the necessary confidence to achieve success and make them feel glamorous and special. Our range of cosmetics features outstanding products that incorporate elegance and the idea of femininity. All our products have been proven to be timelessly effective, and reliable.

Ohh Fashion Agency – A Charmed Life

Established in 2006, Ohh Fashion Agency has always been the #1 destination to find professional models. Originally, a Japanese company, the two outlets are rooted in Dubai and France. We strive to provide professional and the best models, hostesses, ushers, event promoters, makeup artists, and booth assistants in the industry. Additionally, our services have always remained unparallel, and the finest.

ZED Techno Solutions – Find A Better Way

Based in India, ZED Techno Solutions manage all the digital business of Zein El Dine International Limited Liability CO. Primarily, the company aims at providing web, mobile, and SEO services in order to promote the business and outsource projects all over the world.

VIP Billionaires – Go Social

We live in the age of social networking. However, it is still hard to find a platform where you could find just elite achievers in life. VIP Billionaires is a platform tailored for influential and affluent achievers. The exclusive features let influencers connect, and interact with each other to find new shores in life. Only made available to the privileged group of the world, we look forward to people who would like to live their life to the fullest.

ZED Japan – Quality Without Queues

Through ZED Japan – our E-commerce website, we try to bring a Japanese aura to the e-commerce world. The website provides the whole world access to all things Japanese. We aim at making e-commerce better, and ever since our advent has strived to make our services better. We help businesses focus on what they do best so that they could use our platform to manage every aspect of their business.

Carroshare – For People Who Love The Road

Great service, hospitality, and an overwhelming fleet of rental cars define Caroshare. Find a car that meets your requirements, and fits your budget. We offer great daily rates, fantastic deals, and real-time online booking opportunities. We provide our clients with the flexibility that they need. You are absolutely welcome to book a car and travel around Japan, until and unless you don’t put on your seatbelts.

Hitto Bitto – Find Someone Wonderful

Through Hitto Bitto, we become the cupid that helps you find your partner. We help you with the stories that you have to tell, the photos that you want to share, and the things that you want to talk about. Additionally, we help you get noticed for who you are, rather than how do you look. The whole world deserves a better dating experience, and we provide them with it.

Alongside, the above-mentioned businesses, we are further looking forward to launching ZED Coin – a facility that is related to cryptocurrency. ZED Coin once established could be hotels, beauty salons, and Caroshare.

Furthermore, our factory resting in Spain is where all our products are manufactured. Fashion products like VIP Billionaire’s band, shoes, and mobile cases are made using 24-carat gold.

We value our customers and we believe that they deserve better. Thus, we unceasingly struggle to bring out our best services at your disposal.

  • Becoming The Leader

    Right from our advent, we have always tried to make decisions that matter to our customers. Our services are kept devoid of flaws and errors so that you could take the most out of it. Additionally, we take immense pleasure in saying that we have been successful in training candidates from different countries.

    Everything has been flowing smoothly in the past. Nonetheless, they weren’t barren of hurdles even but that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to a bright future.

  • Celebrations Are Always A Part Of Our Life

    Our team’s health and success lie in our working environment wrapped in a great aura. Anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and you name it. Celebrations are something that we enjoy a lot, and we never let an occasion slip our hands. We aim at crafting our employees into a better team performer by making them feel like a family. Exhaustion and tiredness are never in our dictionary, and together we aim at providing better services.

  • Beauty Services Tailored For Celebrities

    We love to offer our services to celebrities. Our better quality services and branded products have helped us build a steady clientele of celebrities. We do equally value their time, and never leave them waiting to enjoy our services. We are aware of their expectations, and thus do everything in and off our limits to satisfy them. Endurance is always our motto to provide the best services.