New Achievement, Accomplishing the Goals

Finally, The Zein El Dine International climbs another stair of success and reaching near to their goal by opening a new office in India. Mr. Ismail Zein El dine is a Lebanese entrepreneur who is the founder of this company came to India for inaugurating the child company of Zein El Dine International. Opening ceremony held on 2nd of October 2018. The CEO of the company welcomed him. He met everyone with affection and gentleness. He gave a great speech and discussed the various goals about the company. He defines every single chunk of the company, explains every fact that can lead to a rise in success.

He said-
“I was very curious to see the company; thinking that how you’ve been handling the company but I must say; Mr. Rahul Singh Panwar arranged it very well.

I want to manage my whole business through this company. You are being very supportive since I’ve hired you. Just need more perfection and hard work to raise this company.”

Later on, The team of the company presented the cake as an honor for him and gave the bouquet. The colleagues of the company were interacting with him and explaining their work.

The day is not so far when Zein El Dine International becomes the most popular multinational company in the world.






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